On this page you can find all the help you need by adding your wiki to this wiki.


First start a page, you can do that by clicking on the button "Contribute" on the right top on the wiki. Click then on "Create a Page". Use as pagename the wiki's name.


Please add always this infobox code to the page. You can add all the information behind the "=".

Clean TemplateEdit

{{Infobox Wiki
|Wiki's Link=


{{Infobox Wiki
|name= Name of the Wiki
|logo= Logo Wiki 001.png
|Wiki's Link= promotewikis
|NumberofArticles= 2
|Founded= 29 May 2014
|LastUpdatePage= 29 May 2014

Please remember by adding the wiki's link you only need the part of the link between "http://" and "". To add the logo of the wiki on the page you can upload the picture on the page Special:Upload.

You can write a short story about your wiki below the infobox code if you want.


Please add not more than one or two categories to the page. Usually you can add the topic of the wiki as category. Don't forget to categorize that category to the head category of that subject. For example you can add to a soccer wiki's page the category "Soccer". Then go to that page and add the category "Sports" to it.

An example of a page: The Football Database Wiki